Check out our Violanos for sale section for investment grade Mills Violano Virtuoso antique instruments - all manufactured between 1910 and 1930.  These instruments reside in your HOME where you can see them and enjoy them, not on a piece of paper.  They provide joy on demand with the push of a button or insertion of a nickel in the coin slot!  They now come equipped with our famous Windows 8 Tablet computer or laptop computer based player system that allows you to play modern music.

But best of all, they have a track record of being a solid investment.  Through hard times and good times, they have continued to appreciate in value!  In 1990 you could have purchased a nice original Mills Violano for around $1,500; the price had climbed to $50,000 in 2008.  You do the math; that's over 20% annual appreciation!

We firmly believe that these instruments are the continuing stars of the automatic music world and our sales prove it!  We are always looking to purchase nice restored or unrestored instruments so that we can have a supply for our clients.  Give us a call at 419-454-3363, and we will be happy to supply the details of what we currently have in inventory.