Rail cars full of Violanos- photo courtesy of the Smithsonian Institute

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You have reached another expanding area of our website!  Ever wonder what the music factories and products looks like during the production days---almost 100 years ago?

Our archive contains unique information that we present here for your enjoyment, research, and information.  We don't just show you the catalog cover to prove it exist, we share the complete catalog!    Please email us if you are looking for something specific and we will try to find it!

If you want to see the J.P. Seeburg factory or its catalog, the Wurlitzer Band Organ factory in North Tonawanda, NY, the famous M. Welte & Sohns German showrooms, the Popper & Company facilities circa 1890--- located in Liepzig Germany,  the Th. Mortier products of Antwerpe, Belgium, the products of Limonaire Freses Paris, the products of Marquette Piano Company makers of the famous Cremona brand coin pianos,you have come to the right place.  We have MANY more photos and original catalogs.  We hope this information will be of help to today's collectors.   Check back, we will continue to post more as time permits.