Mills Novelty Company is proud to offer a laptop based Digital Player System for Violanos AND
for other mechanical music machines equipped with any standard midi interface.

  • Select any of your songs and create a play list
  • Organize the selections in any order of play
  • Adjust the tempo to your liking
  • Create, save and recall play lists
  • No need to play several songs on the music roll, just to get to the one you wanted to hear
  • Control your music machine remotely - no need to get up to change disks
  • Automate shut off signals generated for instruments that require them
  • General "cancel" signals generated for pipe organs and other instruments that require them
  • Ability to start/stop the main blower and vac sources from your computer
  • Ability to turn on and off the facade lights of the instrument from your computer
  • Ability to download MIDI files directly from the internet