To our knowledge this early Mills Bow Front catalog has not been published in recent times.  It is perhaps the rarest early Mills catalog in our archive.


Produced in 1910 this was one of the best advertising pieces every made by Mills Novelty Co.  Designed to promote the famous Mills Bowfront Violano, the "Electrical Mastery of Music" contains beautiful color offset drawings and printing of various uses for the wonderful "NEW" Mills Violano Virtuoso.

The only known photos of the Viol-Cello and the Viol-Xylophone indicate the company expected to expand its line to other varieties of Violano instruments.   No examples of the Viol-Cello or the Viol-Xylophone are known today.   Also shown is the very early Mills Violano Home Model and numerous testimonials from famous clients of the era (1909).    We hope you enjoy seeing this rare historic Mills catalog.