Even though Mills Novelty Company is under new ownership, for the time being the Web site Sales will be managed by Bob Brown, 715-697-9242

If you would like to SELL your items on our website, we will be happy to list them with a picture and description.   Please see our Terms & Conditions for details and cost.

We are NOT brokers, appraisers, or auctioneers.  Our fees are based solely on the services we provide to help you sell your item or collection.   If another legitimate dealer brings a client to us that purchases your item, we will split our fee with that dealer for helping with your sale.  This cost our sellers nothing extra!

BEWARE--- other broker/dealers often include a premium of 10% or more, added to the price the seller pays.   We have observed that some dealers also add fees for other services and try to get 10% from both ends of a transaction.   They often refuse to allow a potential buyer to know who the seller is, for fear the parties will find that they are both paying high fees for a few telephone calls.

At Mills Novelty Company servicing Mills Violanos, manufacturing product, and selling automatic musical instruments is our only business.   We are not also bankers, lawyers, or customs brokers---and we are very glad of it!    See our "Terms & Conditions page" for complete details of our services and fees.   Perhaps you have done business with the rest, now its time to do business with the best!

GIVE US A CHANCE TO SELL YOU ITEM OR COLLECTION.   CALL US AT 715-697-9242----YOU WON'T BE SORRY YOU DID! References are always available from our many satisfied clients.