Although Mills Novelty Company is under new ownership, for the time being, Bob Brown will continue to manage the Buy/Sell portion of the web site. Call him at 715 697-9242 for information on buying or selling.


Generally, we have antique Mills Novelty Company Violanos being restored to factory specifications and are offered for sale in fully restored condition. Usually they are single violano models, but occasionally we have Mills double Violano, bow front Violano, and rarely a home model (we handled two in 2008).  Call 715 697-9242 or 419 454-3363 for details.
We are always buyers for un-restored violanos, parts, and early Mills literature. Give us a call at 715 697-9242 or 419 454-3363 if you want to know what we currently have available, or you would like to sell an item or entire collection.

Our website is visited by thousands of potential clients every month! Many are not members of the Musical Box Society International (MBSI) or other music collector associations. From time to time we are ask to sell Mills manufactured items and related music or arcade items for others.
If you would like to SELL your items here, we will be happy to list them with a picture and description. Please see our Terms & Conditions for details.

We are NOT brokers, appraisers, or an auction house. We do not charge or pay broker commissions. Usually broker/dealers include a premium of 10% or more, added to the price of the owner/seller. Beware---- we have observed that some dealers also add fees on both the buyer and seller ends of the transaction. We suggest caution if you are assured you have a friend in the business---what you really have is someone trying to get to your wallet!