Henry K. Sandell, the inventor of the Mills Violano, spent a lifetime designing and implementing changes that made the Violano Virtuoso one of the wonders of its age!

We are happy to now offer the ultimate equipment to complement your Violano and MAXIMIZE your listening pleasure.
Our newest system allows you to communicate totally wireless anywhere within 80 feet of your Violano.  And it gets better!
Now you can have a virtually unlimited supply of original and newly arranged music
for every taste and style from classical to country western!


Henry would have been proud!

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Our new software and laptop based control
system has the following features:

  • Access to all your songs from which you can create your play list
  • Organize your songs to play in any order you wish
  • Create, save and recall any number of play lists
  • Change the tempo of a song to your liking
  • Ability to play entire albums or individual songs in any combination
  • Ability to fast forward or rewind.  The system displays the playing time of each song.
  • Remote control means no more getting up to change a disk or roll.
  • Updates and new tunes downloaded off the Internet
  • Over 5,000 songs available
  • Mills Digital Midi Interface required


As always, our product does not alter
the originality of your Violano's ability to play from rolls.