It certainly is nice to see different parts of the country, we always seem to be moving something! This time it's very rare large Orchestrions and Fair Organs for private collections. Recently we moved the machines that were offered at auction in Las Vegas. We have a system for moving multiple instruments so as to never get the parts mixed up.  This is a really good thing to do, since they go to different parts of the USA or the world sometimes in the same truck!

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The showroom gallery of Morphy Auction Las Vegas. Items are being prepared for the upcoming auction of arcade, gaming, signage, and musical instruments.  The main side gallery is where our staff has located the large Orchestrions.


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Removing the front façade of the beautiful Weber Maesto for reassembly in Las Vegas.

3 20140328 103257 250x188

Packing the interior parts for transport to Las Vegas.

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A typical view of the interior (of the Weber Maesto) prior to packing. All the pipework is removed and boxed to prevent damage in transit.


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Work in progress on some of the musical items at Morphy Auction.

6 20160913 153325x 250x155

Reassembly of the big orchestions at Morphy Auction.

20 20160916 130708x 250x229

After everything is re-assembled we tune the instruments and adjust as needed to make everything perform at its highest level.


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Ready for viewing at Morphy Auctions in Las Vegas.


Here is how we moved two very large and important European Fair Organs for a private collection. The process is the same but each instrument has it's own idiosyncrasies.

4 20140328 103538 250x188


Moving day starts with the process of disassembly at the former location.   this time its a huge Gavioli Dance Organ. With twenty-five carved wooden figures, extreme care must be taken to avoid any damage in transit.  


8 20160609 095015 250x170

Some of the parts of the Gavioli awaiting reassembly at their new home.

12 20160609 151018 185 247

This machine requires very special handling and reassembly at its new location.

14 20160609 151048 185 246

When the top section goes on, the organ approaches 20 feet tall! And sounds like it looks, huge and beautiful.


18 20160610 090623 188X250

Now located almost 1,500 miles from where it originated, in its beautiful new building space, this dance organ is ready to entertain for all who see it!

5 20160610 091014 250x204

A wonderful musical instrument and as Tim and George illustrate its enormous  size, another job well done by Mills Novelty Company staff!


13 20150504 194340 185X246

The process starts again, as the large Style 38 (96 key) Ruth Organs of Waldkirch, Germany is moved into position to be disassembled by the Mills staff.

16 20160610 090708 250x213

After a truck ride, the wonderful Ruth Organ is again reassembled in a fantastic location for its new owner.  Wow, what a great look!

15 20150430 105534 250x150

Now ready to entertain all visitors the big and beautiful 1900 era  Ruth plays great in its new home! Again, a job well done by the best Orchestrion movers in the USA.