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A wonder of the world, the 2011 Waldkirch Germany Music Festival is now in the history books.  Bob Brown (right) of Mills Novelty Company, with his friend---which one is the monkey?   
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George Collar of MNC (left) Annette of RM Auctions Hamburg, Germany (center) and Bob Milhous (right) enjoy a turn on the wonderful bronze Waldkirch tetter-totter!  The weather was exceptional and local friends were delightful.




As usual the great organs that venture to the Waldkirch festival entertained all over the town.  We do not know anywhere you can go and see so many truly great antique organs, all playing at their best.   Put this trip on your list for 2014, it only happens once every three years...






Robert Milhous leaving the workshops of Fleck & Son where we had brochures and talked with many, many people about the upcoming auction of the Milhous Collection in Florida in February, 2012.







2011-05-3008.18.31_thumb2011-05-3012.44.11_thumbWe had a great time visiting the Kessler collection.  Mr. Kessler (left) demonstrated many of the fine instruments.   The collection including many items from a large DeCap dance organ to Swiss train station music boxes and many more too numerous to mention.  We thought about a visit upstairs, but will save that for a later trip!  
Ursila Matter (right) demos one of her favorite monkey organs from her vast collection at this beuautiful swiss family home.  
The Matter collection of Switerland contains MANY items from the unique Hupfeld Phonoliszt Model C (only known example) to great concert orchestrions and organs.   This collection is truly OUTSTANDING as is the scenery of this Swiss Alps region of Interlaken.    Thank you so much for inviting us to see and enjoy your world class collection.



2011-06-0209.33.40_thumb2011-06-0105.34.35_thumbWe want to add a special THANKS to Stefan Fleck and his staff for helping us with scheduling and numerious other tasks to make our trip more enjoyable. 
This large and impressive Welte Concert Organ is just finishing an extensive restoration at the Balen, Belgium home of Dannie DeBee.  
Our "behind the scenes" tour of the newly opened Swiss National Music Museum in Seiwin displayed everything from large Frei & Mortier Organs, to an impressive Welte Pipe Organ,  all playing with demonstrations by experienced staff.  Mr. Milhous examines the amazing and complex 200 year musical clocks.










2011-06-0304.43.11_thumb2011-06-0306.49.41_thumbNo trip would be complete without a visit to the shops of J. Verbeeck in Belgium.  This impressive "facade" with life size horses is being restored for a magnificent Marenghi organ, destined for another customer, Dr. Robert Gilson of Middleton, Wisconsin.

A great party with the Bopp bus tour and several others was hosted by our friends, Henri and Hanneke Krijnen of Amersford Holland.  The DeCap Robot Band entertained in style as did the Krijnen's.  Our friends from Belgium including John and Marijke Verbeeck and Arthur and Paula Bursen (below) joined in to make the party a wonderful success.  Thank you Henri and Hanneke!



2011-05-2908.04.14_thumb 2011-05-2805.03.32_thumbYour dedicated Mills Novelty Co.staff have concluded it is their duty to attend this once every three year event. It's great to meet old friends and make new ones from around the world. The charm of the black forest contrasts sharply with every day life in America---At right you see George Collar and Gretchen Paupore checking out the old castle.

We came across this curious scene in the Paris area???   Looks like they are scrapping out an old tower!   Understandable with the price of scrap metal being what it is now days... 





Matterhorn_thumbP5230215_thumbGretchen visited the Matterhorn and Neuschwanstein, the famous German castle of mad King Ludwig II.  He might have been nuts, but he sure know how to build a nice castle!   

Our THANKS to all our clients and friends in Europe for a wonderful musical experience.  We look forward to seeing many of you at the coming MBSI convention in Washington DC later this year. 

We leave you with this final photo of Zugspitze, the highest point in Germany, near Garmisch-Partenkirchen.  Double click on it to enlarge, natural beauty is also rare these days...bob