The Mills Violano Virtuoso is an amazing mechanical music machine manufactured by Mills Novelty Company from 1907 to 1930.  If you are new to the Violano, you can find history, facts and pictures related to the Violano manufacture, direct from our archives.  

We are active sellers and buyers for American Orchestrions and Nickelodeons, Mills Violanos of all types, DeCap and Mortier Dance Organs, Piano Wall Boxes, original Literature and catalogs, Fairground organs of all types, original Seeburg G & H rolls, and art glass panels from original nickelodeons, and more.    Give us a call today, we NEVER charge for advise or information about mechanical music.   Our affiliated restoration service, Haughawout Music Company is recognized as THE AUTHORITY concerning all aspects of the Mills Violano restoration.  

We intend to deliver honest, reasonably priced instruments and services.  Mills provides support from the purchase to the installation, and every step along the way.  We have sold to and serviced virtually EVERY major collection of mechanical music in the USA, and many others around the world.  We have always had welcome access to all private collections.   Our dealer/restorer network is global and includes the top restoration professionals and music dealers in business today.

We have many decades experience in the mechanical music business.   We have helped create some of the largest private and public museum collections.  People from our firm have served on various boards and as advisors and consultants for the largest museums and collections in the world!   Our group has club affiliations with MANY groups and international music associations.   Unlike some, we have always been willing to share our knowledge, if we can help let us know.

We are proud to have arranged the private sale of the single largest music purchase in history!  Several hundred instruments---an entire museum of top quality antique mechanical musical instruments!   We are the exclusive manufacturer of MIDI digital interface units for Mills Violano.  Our newest product and interface equipment can now control ANY MIDI EQUIPPED INSTRUMENT from band organs, orchestrions, to the largest Wurlitzer Pipe Organ.   If you had a midi equipped instrument, you owe it to yourself to check out this technology!

Both Mills and Haughawout have been successfully involved with HUNDREDS of restored Violano instruments located in all parts of the world.   We ARE the leading source for Mills Violano Virtuoso Instruments---singles, doubles, bow fronts, home models, early or late, we handle them all!

If you already have a Mills Digital player system on your Violano, perhaps you might want to consider an UPGRADE your old computer or laptop to our new Cell/Mobile Phone App player system.   Our very reasonable upgrade package is for existing customers only.   

It allows you to keep the equipment presently installed on your Violano and add only the devices you need.   You can control your Violano and play any tune within your existing music library from ANY Apple or Android smartphone device!   

Want new music?   We will simply download your selections (from our THOUSANDS of available songs) directly to your cell phone library!   Check out all the new system features on this website or call us at 715-424-5183 and we can supply all the details.

We don't just try to sell you something and then disappear to cash your check----at Mills Novelty Company we will be around for the long haul---

References from our many satisfied clients are available upon request.