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Winter Blues----and cold Whites 

Spring has sprung, fall has fell, winter is here and its cold as H.E. double hockey sticks!    Just after the holidays the temperatures in the midwest dropped to an all-time low of -27 degrees (-33 celsius) and stayed in the minus double digits for several days.   You would think this would be bad for sales but we had a wonderful December 2013!    January 2014 is off to a great start.   OUR THANKS to our many GREAT CUSTOMERS----we plan to have some new exciting offerings for you in the very near future.  We have just received a large quanity of original music rolls, most in original boxes.   Included in this lot are over 500 Mills Violano original rolls, over 100 Hupfeld Phonolizst original rolls, Wurlitzer Piano-Mandolin rolls (we have found over 50 so far), many Style O, A, G, and H rolls and others.   We are just sorting these out now and will be offering them for sale by type in lots.   Standby for upcoming details, or if you are looking for something special give us a call.

Congratulations to the lucky Chicago collector that found our special holiday barrel organ, which he immediately bought for only $1000.00 !!    Just proves real bargains are still possible if you keep your eyes open.   See if you can find the GREAT deal offered for this winter---listed currently on this website in the fine print.

If you are thinking about selling some musical items or your entire collection please give us a call at 800-691-6042.   We have cash buyers standing by for quality mechanical music instruments.   We would love to talk with you, and as always, we NEVER CHARGE for help with collector sales.  Our advise is always available just give us a call!

An early reminder, 2014 is the year of the Waldkirch Music Festival  located in Waldkirch, Germany (this event is held every three years).   Make your plans early to attend this world class event, we hope to see you then.

You can try the rest, then come back to the best!    We look forward to serving your mechanical music needs.


We are pleased to announce we are in beta testing G4 (generation four) state of the art digital hardware and software systems which operate with wireless interfaces for Android and Windows tablets or smartphones.   We also continue to beta test Apple products.

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Featured Items

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Bowfront Violano


Here is an OUTSTANDING example of the extremely rare Mills Bowfront Violano.  This instrument is ready for any collection, or as a single instrument it can be the star attraction!  It has our famous digital player system and also plays from original paper Mills rolls.  It is common knowledge that these instruments have brought well over $200K recently; our example is equally fine and working, at a more modestly price.  This plug and play example can be delivered anywhere in the world, ready to delight all that are privileged to see and hear it.  This is the first Bowfront we have had for sale in over a year, who knows when (if ever) another might come along.  Click here for more photos and details.


 ResotoneGrand resizeThumbWe are CERTAIN that nobody is offering another one of these----since this is the only known example!   A beautifully restored Resotone Grand Harp, as pictured in the Encyclopedia of Mechanical Music on page 597.   This instrument was also professionally restored a few years ago and works flawlessly.  Dating from the early 20th century, it comes with about a dozen original rolls (also the only ones known to exist).  It has a stunning oak cabinet and is ready to move into any collection in the world.  Give us a call and we will provide all the details, 800-691-6042.     



SELLING?  ONE MUSIC MACHINE OR THE ENTIRE COLLECTION--- CALL US TO GET TOP RESULTS!  Find out what others already know--- CALL 800-691-6042 and we will help you reach your objective!!!

Call 800-691-6042 for all the details about our new Mechanical Music Digital Player that will allow complete musical control of any antique musical instrument.


The Mills Violano Virtuoso is an amazing mechanical music machine manufactured by Mills Novelty Company from 1907 to 1930.  If you are new to the Violano, you can find history, facts and pictures related to the Violano manufacture, direct from our archives.  

Visit our FOR SALE sections to see our offerings of mechanical music machines for sale which are updated with new items as they become available.   Our clients ask for an alternative source where they can buy and sell instruments without hidden fees, tricks, and games----this service has been an overwelming success!

We are active sellers and buyers for American Orchestrions and Nickelodeons, Mills Violanos of all types, DeCap and Mortier Dance Organs, Piano Wall Boxes, original Literature and catalogs, Fairground organs of all types, original Seeburg G & H rolls, and art glass panels from original nickelodeons, and more.    Give us a call today, we NEVER charge for advise or information about mechanical music.

Collecting automatic music, a clear choice.   Automatic music has PROVEN to be a sound business investment over the years in good times and bad.  A solid investment that historically has had reasonable appreciation year after year.  Perhaps you are happy with the current return from your bank CD?  Enjoy mechanical music and good returns both.  Its your choice.... 

Our "advanced collector" registery has now been updated.  We will send news letters to all subscribers as new items become available.  There is no cost, your email address will NEVER be shared with anyone, and it only takes a few minutes to register!

Our affiliated restoration service, Haughawout Music Company is recognized as THE AUTHORITY concerning all aspects of the Mills Violano restoration.   If you are looking to buy or sell a violano, give us a chance---the call is free--800-691-6042, call today you won't be disappointed.


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