We have now taken the concept of a laptop digital player to a whole new
level - all mechanical music machines!   Call us at 715-424-5183 for all the details!
All you need is a midi interface installed on your mechanical music instrument and our system can let you remotely control the songs your instrument plays!



Our new laptop based control system
has the following features:

  • Access to all your songs from which you can create custom playlists
  • Organize your songs to play in any order you wish
  • Create, save and recall any number of playlists
  • Change the tempo of a song to your liking
  • Ability to fast forward or rewind.  The system displays the playing time of each song
  • Remote control means no more getting up to change a disk, roll or book
  • Updates and new tunes downloaded off the Internet
  • Midi Interface required
  • Give us a call at 715-424-5183 and we can put your MIDI digital system to work for your enjoyment