Wurlitzer Style 30A Mandolin PianOrchestra

Description    M0082

Manufactured by the Phillips Company of Germany, this top of the line orchestrion was purchased by Rudolph Wurlitzer of Cincinnati in 1908. It is known that at least two such instruments still exist (the other in a private Midwest collection). They were shipped from Phillips Germany to Wurlitzer, who created the beautiful fumed oak (sometime also called Lime Oak) facades and then sold them in America.  

The provenance of this instrument is known from the first day. This instrument has passed through the hands of many collectors such as Dave Bowers, Terry Hathaway, Hanning & White, and several large California collections.

Rather than quote a portion for the specification, we have reprinted the entire eight page detail. For those that are interested, click here. Both these instruments were located in the same southern California collection for many years. Several years ago one was sold, and the present owner kept this one for his private collection. It has not been offered for sale in recently memory--- until now. We are aware that the market for these very special instruments is limited, and are prepared to make a new owner an excellent investment opportunity at realistic current market prices. If you would like to arrange a private inspection, please give us a call at 800-691-6042.