Weber Styria Orchestrion

Weber Styria Keyboard Style Orchestrion w/roll storage
Description    M0132

The Weber Styria is at the top end of the keyboard-style Weber orchestrions. This instrument was originally sold in Brussels, Belgium in the early 1920's. It contains the same instrumentation as the somewhat larger cabinet-style Weber Otero: piano with expression and mandolin attachment, violin and flute pipes with swell shutters, xylophone, drums and traps, playing standard Weber Styria or Otero rolls, complete with a keyboard and side cabinets for roll storage. This beautiful example was completely restored to the highest professional standards by Mike Argain in 1999, and it includes a nice selection of rolls. It has been continually maintained by Mr. Argain and plays nicely. 

The Weber Orchestrion Factory as it was called, remained in business into the late 1920s, with sales remaining strong until the end of that decade when the Depression brought to a halt nearly all music manufacturing businesses. This was further complicated by the invent of  Radio, and amplified phonograph music took a toll as well.

Otto Weber, in an interview with Dave Bowers, many years ago, said that the mid-1920s were the golden age of music machines and strongest sales period for the company.   The market disappeared during the late 1930's and over time most of these beautiful machines were destroyed by wars and stupid humans! Among Weber's foreign distributors were Charriere & Co. of Bulle, Switzerland and G.J. Gerard of Brussels, Belgium. Gerard was source of the presently-offered Styria. 95x102x35 inches.    

This instrument has been extremely well maintained and is now being offered for the first time by the owner who is downsizing his home. If you want something special that produces extremely good music and has a sizeable collection of re-cut and original rolls, this is you chance to buy at the low current price. You will be hard pressed to find a nicer machine and better value in mechanical music. Give us a call at 715-697-9242, for all the details...