Weber Solea

An original Weber Solea Orchestrion? Absolutely, this instrument is a totally restored original Solea example.

A word about Weber Solea instruments. To our knowledge only two others still exist---both in private collections. One of the examples was upgraded by David Ramey Sr. to Maesto class instrumentation with a Hupfeld moving scene added some years ago. Weber instruments were produced by the firm of Gebr. Weber in Waldkirch, Germany in the 1920's. The Solea is the second largest of the Weber product line. Musically the are at the very top of the most musical instruments ever made, a real beauty. This example is presently in a private California collection and we have been told to sell it! It has been priced very attractively to reflect current market pricing.

This instrument has been professionally refinished and restored to factory specifications---and is among the finest examples to still exist. The Solea and the Maesto were both housed in the same style ornate cabinets with roll storage on either side of the instrument. With only the minor chance of one rank of pipes from one model to the other. This Solea is TOTALLY ready to perform and will need nothing added to make a concert in your music room. Since only a few examples are known to still exist worldwide, this is a special opportunity for the advanced collector or museum to acquire the BEST!  

We have recently been instructed to find this instrument a new home at a reduced fair market price---so give it consideration. You will acquire a nice investment grade instrument, ready to entertain you and your guests for a long time to come. Call Bob at 715-697-9242 and we can arrange a private inspection. Our regular number is 800-692-6042.