Unrestored Mahogany Violano

Description    M0129

This single Mills Violano with an oak cabinet needs a complete restoration. It is missing some minor parts such as interior covers for the violin magnet bank and the doors for the coin box, motor cover, etc. All these parts are available from us, so it is not a problem to get the missing parts back together. But that is where the easy part stops! T1his machine has been stored in a very damp location for a long time, and the case is coming apart and in serious need of a full restoration. Will require complete re-veneering, etc. In fact, it is our opinion that it would better having our cabinet maker just build an entirely new case!

The piano needs a complete rebuild, as does all the Violano mechanism, re-plating of all the metal parts, and likely a lot of the magnets will require rewinding, completely new piano action parts, re-stringing the piano, etc.etc.

This is a "project" for the person that can do a lot of the work themselves. It can be brought back to a nice Violano again someday, with a great amount of work.    Give us a call at 800-691-6042 if you have questions---this is priced as a parts machine but can be a very nice bargain if you can handle the restoration yourself.