Tangley Calliope

Description    M0126

Personally I love Calliopes, and have had both National and Tangley units over the years. But I must admit you need to use them in the correct location and at the correct time-or people MAY think they are a little over the top! This one recently came from an east coast Bonham's auction in a lot of several musical items. The unit needs a complete restoration, and someone kept one pipe as a souvenir during the moving process. This can be cheaply replaced with a reproduction pipe which are identical to the originals. It appears to be complete but no external blower, again a common and easily remedied problem during restoration.

This is a Tangley 43 note unit and with a lot of paint stripper and brass polishing can rise to glory again. It is rumored that Ringling Bros. had over 50 Tangley's during there circus days, but we don't known the origin of this one. The good news is it is EXTREMELY reasonably priced, you do the work to restore it and you get many times that amount back for your trouble. Give us a call at 800-691-6042 and we can have it to you by Christmas!