Single Mahogany Violano with Digital Player

Nice playing Mills Violano with our Digital Player System

This is a nice playing example of a mahogany Mills Violano in unrestored excellent playing condition. This instrument was sent to the Haughawout shop, where it was cleaned, adjusted, and all working functions were addressed. At the time it was in the shop, our famous Mills Digital player system was added and it still works nicely but could be updated to a wireless tablet operating system if desired by the new owner. It is NOT a restored machine, but a nice working original machine.   Mechanically it is clean and complete. The case could certainly benefit from being refinished, as the doors in the bottom do not match the remainder of the case.   But some purists prefer this look to a nice new refinishing, so suit yourself. We can do the work for you while it's at our shop or you can leave it as is if you like the original look. Priced accordingly, this one will be a good investment with immediate operation upon delivery. If we did all the cosmetic restoration work, it would add to the cost, but may be desirable. Give us a call at 800-691-6042 for all the details; we can arrange it's delivery anyplace in the world.