Imhof Mukle Badenia

This Imhof & Mukle Badenia has three large moving scene reverse painted glass, windmills, blimps, and waterfalls! An elaborate ornate case, and tons of music!

Early examples of large impressive European Orchestrions with lots of great moving scenes are not common. The builders used every trick known in 1910 when electricity was a new invention and moving electrical lighted scenes were all the rage. The instrument has been restored, presently plays on original music books or MIDI (Installed by the famous firm of J. Verbeeck of Belgium). It plays great with lots of newly arranged modern music. In this writer's opinion, it sounds 50% better than any I&M Badenia playing original 1920's songs! A real snappy and bright sound, with lots of pipes, xylophone, full traps with bass and snare drums, triangle, etc. The oak case has all the charm and craftsmanship you would expect from a genuine 100 year old antique mechanical music machine. It is available now, and you need do nothing except move it to its new home.   Lets talk----715 697 9242 (cell), a rare opportunity only occurs for the person willing to take advantage of it! At today's prices, this is an outstanding value and likely an equally great investment for the future...