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The Rudolph Wurlitzer Company---Everything Musical.   This says it all about Wurlitzer!  They produced many types of automatic musical instruments and were most active from the 1890's thru the 1920's golden era.   The company was so large that it had various "divisions" to concentrate on many segments of its business, such as band organs, pipe organs, coin pianos and orchestrions, musical instruments, etc.

Wurlitzer also private labels the products of J.D. Philipps & Sohne, a high end manufacturer from Frankfort, Gemany.    In additional, it purchased for private label, musical instruments from other companies including Regina Music Box and J.D. Whitlock & Company (who produced the famous Wurlitzer Self Playing Harps) and others. 

We present for you here a rather rare "BAND ORGAN" Wurlitzer catalog showing various models of the instruments that were a mainstay of the circus and carnival trade.  Many were installed on merry-go-rounds and entertained countless numbers of children who circled around the Wurlitzer band organ playing non-stop!   We have many other original Wurlitzer catalogs, and will attempt to add additional ones as time permits.