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Located in Antwerp Belgium, the firm of Theofiel Mortier (Th. Mortier,SA) produced some of the world's most ornate musical products!   We present for your information this early Mortier product Catalog and several individual views of these beautiful instruments on location that are now lost to history.

Mortier was the maker of the finest book operated (called key music book) organs in the world!   Famous for the ornate facades or fronts (prosceniums) these large "classic" instruments typically measured twenty to twenty-five feet wide and fourteen to eighteen feet tall!   Since there is not sufficient space here to review all the data about the Mortier firm, we refer you to the book Encyclopedia of Musical Instruments by Q. David Bowers, section pages 892 thru 905 which detail this famous Belgium firm.

We THANK John Verbeeck of Belgium for suppling several never before published photos of large instruments on location in Antwerpe Belgium during the 1920's golden age.   Many other such images have been published in the European collector publications over the years, as Mortier was at the top of quality, great sound, and great facade carving.

Fortuniately today, the firm of J. Verbeeck located just outside Antwerpe in St.Job in'T Goor, Belgium carrries on totally professional workmanship and modern day excellence.  Verbeeck has rebuilt the vast majority of the still existant classic Mortier and DeCap instruments.  In addition, they produce an extensive line of new organs of all types with stunningly beautiful facades.   If you want to learn more, check out the Verbeeck website, or call +32-03-663-0411.  We highly recommend them.

A late catalog exist from the Mortier Company which shows the line of cafe style instruments manufactured toward the end of production years during WWII.   When the firm of TH. Mortier ceased business, most of its assets, including old organs in inventory were sold to DeCap of Antwerpe and others.   As time permits we will try to post more images.

We believe this is the first time many of the photos published here have been seen in almost 100 years!    Enjoy.....