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During the last century the J.P. Seeburg Piano Company of Chicago, makers of Coin-Operated Pianos was among the largest manufacturer's of automatic music machines.  During the 1920's Seeburg dominated the market in the USA with its beautiful and popular music products.  It is interesting to note that during this same period Mills Novelty Company's exclusive licensee was Seeburg Piano Company for use of Mills patented coin accumilator devices in Seeburg's coin piano line!

We are happy to report that currently (2010) the leading authors in the is field of mechanical music Arthur Reblitz and Q. David Bowers are completing an extensive book on the history of the J.P. Seeburg Piano Company and its related companies.  Our archieve contains a very late Seeburg Automatic Music catalog that is reproduced here for your enjoyment.   We have also located several original photos and other data.  Much additional information about J.P. Seeburg exist, and as time allows we will try to publish more items related to this wonderful firm and its products.