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The Hugo Popper Co. was second only to Hupfeld Co. in production of all types of pianos and orchestrions from the 1890's thru 1930.  Popper instruments are very musical and often had wonderfully ornate cases with "electical lighting effects" and extensive use of "motion" scenes.  No doubt these items were intended to enhance Poppers changes of sales by highlighting interesting new ways to use electricity with was still a novelty around the turn of the last century.


This original catalog is the earliest (and perhaps only) example still remaining.  It is interesting to note from the photographs that Popper also sold an extensive line of music boxes and even musical instruments from its showroom in Leipzip, Germany (also the home town of its rival Hupfeld).  Most of the great instruments shown in these photos have been lost during the two great wars or due to neglect.  Popper instruments are today VERY popular with collectors and large ones are difficult to obtain.