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The Marquette Piano Company, also of Chicago, marketed its line of very high grade American instruments under the "Cremona Automatic Musical Instrument" name.  It was an early entry into the coin piano business and produced from about 1905 thru 1920.


Following the lead of J.P. Seeburg (a Marquette piano employee from 1905-1907 before starting his own business) Marquette instruments had beautiful art glass panels and even beveled glass windows! Sometimes very early Cremona instruments are found with "Seeburg" labels.  J.P. Seeburg sold Cremona pianos before he manufactured his own.

By the mid teens, Seeburg was becoming the dominate player in the coin piano business, and recognized early on that it was not necessary to make the interior chests from mahogany and line the piano cases with beautiful bird's eye maple since the patrons couldn't see that part anyway! By the early 1920's some Cremona labeled instruments were built with Seeburg components as a result of the ongoing relationship between the booming J.P. Seeburg Piano Co., and the faltering Marquette Piano Company.

Today Cremona instruments are remarkable for their quality and considered to be the Rolls-Royce of American instruments.  We will add more information about this interesting manufacturer as time permits.